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Men today have become soft and weak.

But not only that, they’re unhappy because they deny their instincts for conquest and glory. 

Society has convinced them to “play it safe” in everything they do and that it’s not okay to be a man. 

Be average and don’t dare be a man!

Breaking this mould is not easy. And the men who manage it are sneered at and risk being ostracized... 

This is why we created Berserker – a brand to unite modern day savages under one banner. 

The Vikings were bands of warriors who refused to accept their lot in life. 

They too were regarded as heathens…

Berserker is about giving the middle finger to theaverage life society wants you to lead.

When you wear the Berserker badge, you make a commitment to being a savage in all areas of life.

Are you ready to join the Savages Club?